Handling New Burn Wounds

Due to various reasons people meet with accidents. The severity of the damage done may depend on the cause of the accident. There are motor vehicle accidents, construction failure accidents and etc. All these can occur in different degrees. However, if someone becomes a victim of burn wounds as a result of an accident it will not only be painful but at times might even be life threatening.

People’s clothes can easily catch fire. In such situation make sure not to panic. Focus on putting the fire off so that it will not damage the person further. The cause of the burn could be a liquid or something else. Therefore, touching or coming into contact with the person might be dangerous to you. You can tell the person to roll on the ground since it is proven to be helpful in such situations. It is important to fully put the fire off before taking care of the person’s wound and checking on his or her situation.

Burn wounds can be extremely complicated to handle. However, make sure to remove things such as watches, necklaces and etc. since they can make the burn wounds worse later. If it is a small wound you can let the skin cool down a little buy holding the damaged part under water. This will help in soothing the pain and lessening the swelling of that part. Cold water is ideal for this but, even running water is a good solution. After letting the wound cool down a little, secure the wound with the help of clean gauze. Make sure not to stick the plaster on the wound. Additionally, it is very important that you do not apply anything on the wound. Usually buildings tend to not have the correct ointments to apply in their first aid kits since people hardly take fire protection measures and other things to deal with accidents that happen. Wrong medication or wrong amount of ointments can cause unnecessary infections in the wound. Usually if it is a small wound, you will not have to worry much. Once, the wound is covered you can visit a medical officer to get it treated.

This will not be the same with a severe degree burn. If the burn victim is a small kid or an old person and if the skin is severely burnt make sure to call an emergency service because some of these wounds may cost lives. Even people going inside a burning building should wear appropriate clothing and safety glasses in Australia in order to keep themselves safe.